Experience our pure Soursop tea, handcrafted in Grenada.

Made in Grenada

Grenada is the only country in the world free of the bug that attacks Soursop trees, and thus, the only country allowed to export fresh Soursop fruit to the United States. We work in harmony with Soursop farmers, by skillfully pruning their trees for the leaves of our tea, an essential process that helps them to produce higher quality and quantity of fruit.

Our Handcrafted Process

Freshly produced to preserve its unique flavor and healing compounds, our Soursop leaves are hand-picked and naturally dried in the Grenadian countryside, then carefully hand-filled into bio-degradable tea bags.

Healing Benefits

In the Caribbean, Soursop leaves have long been used to:

  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Help maintain blood pressure levels.
  • Help relieve liver and stomach ailments.
  • Help secure restful sleep.
  • Scientific studies have proven that Soursop leaves contain elements known as acetogenins which can selectively destroy cancerous cells. Read more about Soursop and its cancer healing properties here: Soursop and Cancer Research To learn about more natural healing stories and institutional usage of Soursop, subscribe to our ebook on our website homepage.

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