welcome to bayleaf

“bayleaf is a Caribbean legacy of natural healing. Each tea embodies countless stories of healing.”

The bayleaf story

Inspired by her own grandmother who revered bay leaves and Caribbean elders who have always healed their families with herbs, Tamika Phillip launched the brand bayleaf in 2015 while living in Turkey, compelled to build a Caribbean brand that honors people, culture and earth.

Today, bayleaf is a herbal tea brand that produces and exports exotic herbal teas with unmatched flavors and extraordinary benefits offering you daily natural healing.

Our mission is to share natural healing with the world while transforming small farming communities in the Caribbean.


Small Farming

bayleaf works in harmony with small farmers by funding and providing expert pruning services for their trees, increasing their fruit yield and income, while securing the highest quality leaves for our teas. This model is at the core of our business and our mission.


Caribbean Economy

We are driven by our work in harnessing our region’s natural resources. By creating and exporting world-class natural products that bring natural healing to the world, we are able to employ, empower and inspire our community, while reducing our nation’s longstanding trade deficit.

Preserving a Cultural Legacy of Natural Healing

How did our elders live long lives disease-free?

One enduring ritual was drinking herbal teas, a centuries-old ritual passed down from our ancestors and preserved by our elders. Throughout our culture, there are countless stories of healing and inspiration. We LIVE herbal tea or BUSH tea as it is still lovingly called. We believe that we are the custodians of this wisdom and we are on a mission to ensure this knowledge of natural healing is preserved for future generations.